How English to German Translation Can Help You to Win More Clients


There are several ways you can network and win more clients. These include developing a website, having a network of connections, and quality assurance checks. In this article, we’ll look at some of these strategies and the importance of localization. After you’ve mastered the basics of networking, you can expand your business by focusing on localization. If you want to win more clients, make sure to follow these tips.


Effective networking is an essential part of building a career. The people you know are only as good as the connections you make through others. Getting to know people in your network will give you an edge over those you don’t. And by meeting people in your network, you can increase your chances of landing valuable connections. But how do you begin networking? Here are some tips. The first step is to understand what networking is all about.

Having a website

A website is not the place to ask people to become your client on the first visit. As marketers say, it takes seven to thirteen touch points before a person decides to buy. Instead, you should try to make a connection with a potential client and show them why they should hire you. For example, your website can include a chat window or pop-up window. By adding these features to your website, you can capture more potential clients and save your business time.

Quality Assurance Checks

The effectiveness of a quality assurance program depends on how it helps you understand and measure customer experience. A QA program should be aligned between all of the people involved, such as the supervisors and agents. For example, all of the quality assurance reviewers should understand and agree on the meaning of the monitoring form questions. Additionally, the QA score should be consistent across all of the agents. Another important quality assurance check is to create daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports for all agents. The progress reports should highlight any areas that need improvement in terms of training or procedural enhancements.


When you localize your website, you’re presenting your offering in the context of your target region. This involves addressing linguistic trends and language on demand. For example, in China, only 20% of content is in English. Understanding your target market can help you tailor your messaging and translation processes. Consider creating a Q&A section in the native language to address questions posed by potential clients for example you must translate English to German using professional translation services. In addition, localize your content, including your logo and website, to reflect the culture and lifestyle of the market.


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Investing in high quality German to English translation

Getting a high-quality translation from German to English is crucial to gaining new clients. However, high-quality translations come at a cost. Nimdzi’s translation prices lag by 11 to 20 percent. In addition, it’s advisable to book your translations early, especially during busy Q4 times. Nevertheless, it’s worth it for the money saved in the end.

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